Essential Oils

Essential Oils for over centuries have been used around the world for their powerful healing properties for the body, spirit and mind.
They have become more popular again due to many seeking alternative medicine.
They are extracted from the different parts of the plants like the leaves, bark, flower, stems, roots, seeds, resin or the fruits rind. One plant only contained very little essential oil, and so the percentage that is extracted from plants is very little but very highly concentrated. An example would be 1000 flowers will create possibly a 10ml bottle. Hence the essential oils are in a small dropper bottle as you only need very little as one drop can contain essential oil of many flowers etc.
These would either be mixed with a base carrier oil or our baby oil makes an excellent carrier oil for massage as the oils contain various therapeutic constituents

Our Essential Oils are of the highest quality, purity and therapeutic grade. Are oils are tested for purity and safety, however we do not have the license to say they can be ingested, legally we have to say do not INGEST OR USE EXTERNALLY, only topically and for aromatherapy uses. Those who say they can be used internally have paid for rights to do so and we are a small business and cannot invest in such rights.

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