Fresh Cold Pressed Black seed Oil 30ml – Sample


This Blackseed Oil is freshly cold pressed in house, no waiting on shop shelves, and shipped to your door in an opaque Glass Bottle. As this is freshly cold pressed, the delivery time for this oil can be 1-2 weeks.

Some of the Benefits of this ‘ancient seed of blessing’ black seeds are:

-Maintaining a healthy heart, nervous system and immune system

-Used for variety of ailments and treatments for stomach, kidney and liver function, repiratory health, the reduction of blood sugar and cholestral levels.

-15 amino acids make up the protein content of Blackseed, including 8 of the 9 essential amino acids obtained only by our diet.

Enjoy a teaspoon daily, straight or diluted, or alternatively apply directly to skin.

This oil is off double strength quality and unfiltered.

Nutritional details of Black Seed Oil:

Black Seed or Nigella Sativa is a complete food for our cells and DNA.

It is highly nutritional and its’ oil is even more potent. It contains a valuable source of:

-essential fatty acids (35-38%),

-protein (21%),

-carbohydrates (35%),

-vitamins A, B1, B2, C & niacin.

-minerals including: thiamn, folacin, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and phosphorus. Some assisting in enzymatic functions.

– 50% antioxidants properties through the phytochemical compound thymoquinone.

The most amazing composition of this blackseed oil also, is that it contains both Monosaccharides (single molecule sugars) and non-starch polysaccharide which is the essential building block of a cells DNA. Alongside the minerals that bind the DNA together.

And ofcourse with the 15 amino acids that make up the protein content the building blocks of DNA. And it has 8 of the 9 essential amino acids that we can only obtain through diet as the body cannot make this. This is truly a complete food source and hence was mentioned in many religious texts as a healing for mankind for every disease except for the inevitable.

Further research has shown that its has the component carotene, which is converted to vitamin A by the liver!

As mentioned above the Oil of the raw black seed is very potent 35 % more so.

It is very rich in Linoleic and Linolenic acid the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. These Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are the essential building blocks of cells as they cannot be made in the body, this black seed oil is a complete nutritious food for every cell of our body, repairing our DNA which some think cannot be a we have to live with what we are given.

We have forgotten that if given the right conditions the body repairs itself, that every 2 years we have a new body due to the new cells being created on a daily basis.

Black Seed is truly a ‘blessed seed’ used for centuries that they was found in tombs in Egypt with the mummies as they used it for beauty and longevity and vitality. Hence, Taking the oil form increases potency and thus increases the rate of healing or health, especially today in our fast food lifestyle.

If you buy a freshly pressed black seed oil, you are guaranteed extra potency as the oil has not had time to oxidize on shop shelves. Buy Now and you will not be disappointed, as there is no lingering taste with this fresh oil and can be easily taken.

Can be mixed with raw organic honey if you still are not able to take the oil neat. Our children started off with it mixed in honey, our youngest now drinks it neat and loves it.

Please Contact is if you need further instructions regarding the Oil.


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