Organic Black Seeds 500g


  • Organic Black Seeds 500g. Supplied in a pouch, sealed.

    Origin: Egypt

    Black seeds havelong been cultivated as a spice. The ripe seeds have a camphor-like scent and a bitter, later aromatic taste.

    May contain traces of celery seed or mustard seeds.

    Ingredients: Black Seed / Nigella sativa.

    Storage: Cool & dry place, away from direct light & strong odours. Allowing free airflow. Protect from extremes of moisture, light & temperature.

PLEASE NOTE TO CLARIFY:  This seed is commonly known as black onion seed, black cumin seed and does go by many other names, however it is still the 100% nigella sativa seed, not an onion seed or a cumin seed, this is what certain locals will call them, hence if you do google, next to nigella sativa seeds the wording ‘cumin’ ‘onion’ kalonji, black seed etc will come up, this makes it easy for people searching to find what they are looking for under the name they are used to calling it in their surroundings.

At L’Essentielle as a small business we have decided to remove the wording ‘onion’ only to avoid confusion as we can not compete with larger retailers. 


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