Why Us?

Why L’Essentielle?

L’Essentielle was born to ‘feed your skin’.


Understanding skincareAt L’Essentielle we believe not only should we feed our inner self with high quality ingredients but we should feed our outer self which comprises of complex elements with just as good ingredients.

L’Essentielle was first discovered by a mother whose child suffered from severe multiple food allergies. She soon realised whatever he could not eat, could also not touch his skin. Consequently, she began developing skincare products not just for her child but for the whole family.

As all families have close contact with each other it was important all the members of the family’s skin were fed the highest quality ingredients. Not only were these of high quality ingredients but also edible and some almost edible as eating essential oils is not advised.

As there are a growing number of children with food allergies, the mother soon discovered many other mothers in the same position, which subsequently led to L’Essentielle skincare products being born.

As well as having customers with food allergies L’Essentielle also gained a variety of customers who care about what they feed their skin.